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Interview with Vietnamese SF writer Vu Kim Dung

Last year, Vietnamese SF writers have banded together to form the Viet Nam Fund of Science Fiction, or VFSF. The Vietnam News carries a fascinating interview with head of the VFSF, biologist and SF writer Vu Kim Dung.

You graduated with a degree in biology; how did you become a writer and why did you choose science fiction?

I was fond of science as a secondary student. I began my career as a scientist, not a writer, but I always admired Jules Verne, who is regarded as a father of science fiction, and his novel, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea.

I started writing my first work, Co Kien Trinh Sat (A Scout Ant), in 1972 while I was studying at the university. Once it was published it became very popular among children.

I chose to write science fiction because it combines my love for science and literature. - read the rest of the interview.
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