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And more Anil Menon: Harris on the Pig!

 In case you've missed it, click back to the December 2008 issue of Apex Online, featuring Anil Menon's story Harris on the Pig: Practical Hints for the Farmer.

New Jean-Claude Dunyach Story Online!

Yes, our friend Jean-Claude Dunyach has a new story, "Birds", translated from the French by Sheryl Curtis, up at Fantasy Magazine. Check it out!

Here's Jean-Claude's official bio:

Jean-Claude Dunyach, born in 1957, has a Ph.D. in applied mathematics and supercomputing. He works for Airbus France in Toulouse. He has been writing science fiction since the beginning of the 1980s, and has already published seven novels and six collections of short stories, garnering the French Science-Fiction award in 1983, four Rosny Ainé Award in 1992 (2), 1998 and 2008, as well as the “Grand Prix de l’Imaginaire” in 1998 and Prix Ozone in 1997. Jean-Claude Dunyach also writes lyrics for several French singers, which served as an inspiration for one of his novels about a rock and roll singer touring in Antarctica with a zombie philharmonic orchestra . . .

And you can also get his short story collection, The Night Orchid: Conan Doyle in Toulouse, containing 16 stories and an introduction by David Brin, over at Black Coat Press.

Gord Sellar on Korean Science Fiction

Gord Sellar has a series of blog posts about science fiction in Korea which make for interesting reading. His Thoughts on Korean SF post has an index, which I reproduced below.

Meanwhile, as part of the quest to find a cover for The Apex Book of World SF, I've been looking through Chinese SF illustrations sent to me by my friend Wuyan - some interesting work there, and it would be interesting to do a feature on Chinese illustrations at some point (though my low-bandwidth connection makes it difficult to deal with images or any other large file). Perhaps IROSF or someone could pick up the gauntlet...


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