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Chimurenga is a South African magazine of pan-African writing and its double volume 12/13 (March 2008), titled "Dr. Satan's Echo Chamber" was dedicated to speculative fiction, featuring writing from both African and non-African writers - it includes, for instance, Akin Adesokan from Nigeria, Akin Adesokan from Ghana, Koffi Kwahulé from Ivory Coast, Rana Dasgupta from India, Joao Barreiros from Portugal, and many others. Nick Wood has a review of the issue on his site. Not sure how easy it is to get hold of a copy, but there's a list of stockists on their site.
 Something Wicked is the first South African magazine devoted to "horror and science fiction", and has recently reached its ninth issue. It is available in both print and PDF formats, and showcases short fiction from South African writers (it also publishes some overseas writers). Several of the issues have been reviewed online over at The Fix, which is worth checking out, but the best way to find out about the magazine is just to try out a copy.

South African Speculative Fiction, Part One

South African science fiction writer Nick Wood is the author of one YA novel published in SA, The Stone Chameleon, and several short stories, of which you can read his "African Shadows" over at Infinity Plus. Nick has also been writing a series of articles about African and South African speculative fiction, which I highly recommend reading - the link includes articles by him and others, including Gail Jamieson of the South African Science Fiction Association (the SFSA).

So a lot to look at in there, and a good starting point, I think - we'll have more about South African speculative fiction in the next posts.


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