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Exotic Gothic

Canadian publishers Ash-Tree Press have been putting together a series of anthologies, Exotic Gothic, which have a nice international flavour. Volume 2 features Apex Book of World SF contributor Dean Francis Alfar (Philippines) as well as Serbian writer Milorad Pavić (author of the Dictionary of the Khazars!) and African writer George Makana Clark, while the forthcoming volume 3 will feature another Apex Book of World SF contributor, Malaysian writer Tunku Halim.

And with (yet another ABoWS contributor) Jetse de Vries' own forthcoming anthology, Shine, rumoured to have something of an international line-up, things are looking up for international writers. We'll try and point your way to some other relevant anthologies this week - and as always, suggestions would be welcome in the comments.

The Intersection of Race and Steampunk

Malaysian writer Jha has an in-depth article on The Intersection of Race and Steampunk: Colonialism’s After-Effects & Other Stories, from a Steampunk of Colour’s Perspective:

Before I explain further my interest in this subculture, I should give some context on myself: I was born and raised in Malaysia, a nation formerly part of the British Commonwealth, colonized from the 1600s until after World War II. Many things British still exist: it manifests in our education systems, the fact that English is a common second (and first) language for folks middle-class and above, our parliament, et al. I grew up reading English literature, and eventually left to get a Canadian degree in English. Malaysia has its own peculiar set of problems with regard to race and nationality, some of which are after-effects from our dual history (of British colonialism versus Islamic influence).

I sometimes feel my “Western” sensibilities are after-effects of British colonialism, or Western imperialism in general - it would explain my disdain for Malaysian culture when growing up, the admiration for Westerners who seemed so individualistic, who had all those bright ideas, who wrote such interesting stories that even a person on the other side of the world felt transported by them. - Read the rest of the essay.

Malaysian Horror and One-Week Break

 I'm off to Malaysia for a week, so there won't be any updates in that time.

But in the meantime...

Check out Dark City, the blog dedicated to an original anthology series of the same name. The anthology collects short Malaysian horror stories, most with a twist-in-the-tale, and edited by Xeus. There have been two volumes so far, with a third, I think, in the works.

The blog also contains reviews of the books and a couple of short interviews with two of the writers.


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